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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  February 21, 2011 12:00am-1:00am EST

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>> this is freedom watch. >> tricks, tonight, health care wavers were handed out to entire states and not just to any states, swing states like florida, ohio, and new jersey, congressman michael burgess wants to know if obama care is being used as a political school in the 2012 election, he's here and why do some get attacked on
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obama care and others are forced into it. and that's what murdoch is asking, the double standard is unconstitutional, he's here. then, wisconsin on the brink. >> yes! >> our own stuart varney predicted this months ago. >> flat-out bailout money, are they asking for it in those terms? >> democrats in wisconsin are running and hiding, but they're here calling them out and wall street guru how the g.o.p. may be botching its one chance to gets america's fiscal house in order. all that and our freedom fighters, lori rothman, elliss henican, and why what's happening in wisconsin won't stay in wisconsin. the battle for america's future is now and everywhere and this is the show that fights that battle with these basic
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principles. that government is best, which governs least and the people designs a government that stays within the confines of the constitution. the constitution was written to keep the government off the people's back. burgess, murdoch, varney, rothman, freedom watch, the revolution continues next. on the docket, we peel back the onion on obama care, and first we turn our attention to the incredible events at madison, wisconsin. where public employee unions have the capitol building under siege and certain public sector unions in wisconsin are furious, that governor scott walker wants to strip them of the collective gaerng rights, the rig-- bargaining rights and force them to make contributions to the pensions and health care plans, and that the reasonable cost
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cutting plans have some protesters comparing the fwo governor to hitler. let's hope they aren't history teachers, hitler committed genocide and losten the strangle hold of the public employee unions had on taxpayers there. here now my fox business colleague, friend and host of varney and company, stuart varney. you predicted it a long time before it happened and now madison, wisconsin almost looks like cairo. >> you could see it coming, couldn't you. >> yes. >> you look carefully the finances of individual states, especially the big ones, california, new jersey all the way down the line you could see that the crunch was coming, the give back to some sort of necessary massive cuts in services are necessary. you could see it coming, it happened. now, you know the law, you know that the laws require private businesses to negotiate fairly with the labor unions and the federal government, and besides what's fair does not apply to the states, but you also know,
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and i'm not blaming both parties, i want your thoughts on this, that politicians in both parties, republicans and democrats for generations since the new deal era have given the sweetheart deals to the public sector unions and kowtowed to the unions for votes and now the chickens are coming home to roost. >> collective bargaining, inherently unfair and biased cannot be done with people who you have contributed billions of dollars, who you put into power, who you voted for, inherent conflict of interest, not the same as collective bargaining with a private employer. therefore, collective bargaining has no place in my opinion, in the public sector. >> i am smiling because of course, in our home state of new jersey the collective bargaining two years ago was unbelievably unfair when the head of the labor union was the governor's former girlfriend. and shows you the depths to which politicians sink trying to
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use taxpayer dollars to curry favor with union membership. >> precisely and why we have so many run away contracts in the public sector, that's why we have costs incurred way down the road from politicians in office with union people given the money, inherently morally wrong. >> on your show, varney@company, the only show on the planet, any that starts at 9:20 eastern on the fox business network. before i was on with you, you were interviewing a labor union official from a think tank, a lefty in wisconsin base compli tried to argue the right to collective bargaining is a natural right akin to speech and religion and-- >> he did, you're correct sir. exactly what he said, tried to suggest that collective bargaining was a human right and he defined it as a human right because the united nations defines it as a human right. since when did we take any moral
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authority from-- in the extreme and that's why he was taking his authority and saying collective bargaining is a human right. it is not. judge, you and i know it is not. it's not a civil right, it's not a constitutional right. >> you don't have the human rights you social with whatever you want, a labor union or whatever you want. you don't have a human right to demand that the government recognize some group and not you individually and that the federal government sanctioned that. >> collective bargaining is a form of agreement making sanctioned by legislation and executive action and on both counts can be withdrawn, fundamental right. >> here is why i think he said a fundamental basic right because generation haves grown up with liberal politicians using government money to win votes by luring the unions in and treating them as if they had this. >> and also we live in a generation, an era which everybody has rights.
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when are we going to start talking about responsibilities. >> very nicely put. >> on the side of-- >> and i would argue that people with rights are good and president would say health care is a right, it's not a right, it's a good. you can afford it, you purchase it. education, it sont sell as food, hats, shoes or food. why should it force us to buy from it with tax dollars the lousy schools? >> i will not argue on grounds of principle with you. a gentleman-- >> give me a slice of that. >> i will argue on the grounds of practicality. >> sure. >> this government runs our educational system and has ruined it. the on the grounds of practicality, i would say that the government has no rights, has no-- has no cause for it to be in the education business because it does such a terrible job. >> here is my argument, there's no choice and there's no competition. if we could go elsewhere, if i
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could send my tax dollars to another school that would help make the public schools better because they know that the tax money is going to come and kids are going to show up in the classroom no matter what kind of a lousy job because taxpayers have no choice. >> i have no problem with taxation going towards education, the longest education is in privately and i, the parent, has a choice as to which educational establishment gunshots my tax dollars. >> varney, this is scary when you and i are starting to agree on things. i could go farther and say that taxation is-- >> i tried to open the door for you, judge. >> stuart varney, this is a dramatic moment in our history. the last question, is this going to spread to trenton, is chris christie going to have to shout down the characters. >> as we speak, the white house political properties are indeed organizing organized labor outside of wisconsin, outside of ohio, yes, it's going national. >> stuart, it's a pleasure. thanks for joining us, now we
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move to the topic of health care favortism. the obama administration granted at least 915 wavers to companies and unions exempting them from obama care. why is the president exempting companies and unions from his ownby loved law? here is texas congressman and physician, michael burgess. dr. burgess, welcome to freedom watch. >> it's always great to be with you. >> what do you think the president is up to? i mean, first the labor unions and then some well-known company, with the names of which we all recognize, like mcdonald's and harley davidson and now even states of the union. i mean, what is this motivation here? >> well, i think the motivation is that this thing doesn't work. and rather than just admit it doesn't work, acknowledge that we better get back to the the drawing board and make it work and be serious about his signature and legislation, they decided to go, well, let's just
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try to, let's try to patch things together route. the patch things together route began to emerge in late october with one, two, three, then 15, then 25, then 50 waivers and now we're up to nearly a thousand and indeed, we have whole states applying for and being accepted for waive,does this tell you something about what a bad piece of legislation this was that got signed into law? we're not even a year into this thing and two and a half million people have now been exempted and this is just the tip of the iceberg. >> you're right on the mark, congressman, doctor. you know how to do basic math. if you take all the states that have either received waivers from this or have challenged it in court, and add up all of their electoral votes. that's more than half. that would defeat the president. so is it a coincidence that he's looking in places like florida, ohio and even my own moment state of new jersey? perhaps to lessen the burden of
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federal law and entice more people to vote for him? i mean, do we have a rule of law or a rule of men in this country? >> i think you can see which direction it's going today. their problem of course, purely at electoral college, the waivers are for one year and they will have to be extended in october, november of next year to get past that election mile post. but here is the thing that's really just driving me crazy. if they are requiring all of these companies and people are requiring waivers now, what in their projections going forward leads them to believe that this is going to work any better six months, eight months, 12 months from now? and if there really is no, no indication that things are going to be any better then, then what is plan b? where will you go from here? we had a hearing about this just the other day and mr. larson, the head of consumer
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information, oversight said plan be is what we call obamacare, patient affordable care act. that ain't plan b, judge. that's where we're starting from now. if that's plan b we're in a world of hurt. >> congressman burgess, the republicans control the house of representatives. this is a major, major opportunity to drive a truck through this weak thin wall of obama care, but, one of the ways i'm suggesting we might want to do is through public hearings. put secretary sebelius under oath and compel her to justify and explain congressman burgess, every single one of these 915 waivers and why she's enforcing the law against some people and not against others. >> that is an excellent point and secretary sebelius will be coming to our health subcommittee the first week in march, about a year late according to my estimation. the democrats, we're not interested in doing oversight hearings. republicans did take offer the
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third of january and those oversight hearings are indeed in the works now. took a little while to get the committee revved up, but they're going now and secretary sebelius is on the list and she will be there right after the-- we're gone next week and she'll be in the week after that. i sent her a letter, look, there's a judge in florida, a learned man wrote a very good opinion, you ought to read it. it's an opinion. he he said officers of the executive branch will not proceed with implementation, they will not violate the will of the court. i'm sorry, i think that secretary sebelius violated the will of the court. please help me understand what you are doing to dlie implementation so you're not running counter to what the judge recommended. >> when she comes to you and answers that question we want you back on freedom watch. thank you for joining us. >> thank you, yes. >> and companies and unions and states of the union, sure, it's unfair, but also it's
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unconstitutional. talk about that next. >> you can join judge napolitano, and if you want a live chat during the show. and this week go to the live chat and join your fellow chat and join your fellow freedom fighters as where to go for a quiet get away. [ male announcer ] thanks to the orbitz matrix display, you can make more knowledgeable decisions when booking vacation packages. ♪ see all your hotel and flight options and savings for the ideal vacation. perfect. [ male announcer ] when you orbitz, you know.
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own russ rules of obama care. my next guest feels this violates the 4th amendment and first amendment equal protection. leroy murdock thank you for coming here. we have the obama administration accepting the companies we know the names mcdonalds and marley davidson. we have exempting labor unions and certain states from the pain and crush of obama care. what do you think about that? >> we have a real problem here which is that this bill was supposed to be something that would answer all of our prayers and give us all of this wonderful coverage and we have people running like hell away from obama care. 950 waivers have been granted by the department of health and ue man services. it was early on the unions and big corporations like aetna and cigna now you have new jersey, ohio, tennessee which have gotten large exceptions from obama care. >> let's talk about the constitution. the constitution basically
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requires the federal government and state governments to treat similarly situated people in a similar manner. of course the president takes an oath to uphold them all of the laws not just the laws for which he's getting political blow back. how does the obama administration even justify letting companies as wealthy as mcdonalds, unions as powerful as the uaw, states as populations rich as florida and new jersey off the hook when everybody else is on the hook? >> their argument is if you have an increase in premiums or decrease in access to healthcare you can get a waiver. but of course again this goes totally against what we heard about obama care what was debated it's going to increase access and lower costs and everybody has so much more healthcare available at lower prices. that's their claim. now they ought to be able to give everyone in america waivers. we have waivers so this wouldn't be a problem. >> we have the issue of judge robert benson in pensacola florida who declared obama care
12:19 am
unconstitutional but didn't prevent the government from doing it. they are saying what do we do some governors are saying it's unconstitutional we are not going to follow it others say judge you only have authority in florida. if judge vincent joins stops the federal government from enforcing this the states will save billions while this makes its way to the supreme court. >> you are right. as it is states have to spend money to start the insurance exchanges and do a lot of the bureaucratic infrastructure for the stateside of obama care. it turns out after a year or two they throw out all of the people will have been hired for no purpose all of the systems will be put in at great expense while states are trying to get by with huge state deficits. >> what is your gut instinct on this one? are the decisions to grant exemptions at least political decisions? is the president looking at 2012? this a hopeless situation in
12:20 am
2012 when your electoral college? >> when you look at the 21 states involved in suing to over turn obama care 164 million people, 54 percent of the population, 285 electoral votes. if it turns out it is thrown out by the supreme court based on the lawsuits going through and let's say the states vote against obama he gets 253 electoral votes 17 short of what he needs to get elected. if the voting the way the suit goes if it gets turned out he is a one-term president. >> in florida he's looking for votes there he gave the exemption to new jersey. we have the quintessential conservative republican governor he wants to weaken christie's influence had there? >> you can make that argument or you can say they are doing what they thought they should do according to the application of the waivers. when you do these sorts of things you raise the questions it weakens the rule of law.
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>> men making decisions based on politics rather than the law. thank you for joining us. is there a rift in the grand old party? some say yes. it's time for a new strategy the master plan for one of them next. [ male announcer ] the network. a living, breathing intelligence that is helping business rethink how to do business. ♪ in here, inventory can be taught to learn... so products get routed to where they're needed mo. ♪ in here, machines have a voice... so they can tell headquarters when they need refilling. ♪ in here, money works smarter... so financial institutions can turn dreams into realities.
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o >> it's no secret the debate on government spending has created a huge rift in the american party. de fernds of the free market who oppose racing the nation's debt want to splash spending severely. the other side are established republicans who propose a raise in the nation's debt with certain restrictions pushing for more moderate cuts. my next guest says the grand old party needs a new strategy. joining me is david m melpas fr the reagan administration and president mc global. david it's a pleasure. >> here's my argument. the republicans gave the democrats a shall lacking. the president last november. they campaigned on small government sound money fidelity to the constitution. no more borrowing and spending what will happen in your view to
12:25 am
the republican control of the house of representatives if they go along with republican leadership and let the president raise the debt ceiling rather than going along with most of the tea partiers who say no no more borrowing but the continues whenss fall where they may? >> you are not going to like it but i am going to argue for raising the debt ceiling and converting it into a different kind of debt ceiling. the way they have the debt ceiling written right now it's on statutory debt. the money has already been spent. it is very hard not to, it is certainly going to be increased. so the goal -- >> what do you mean the money has already been spent? >> if they shut the government down tomorrow you would still be having bills coming in from the last three months coming due. >> i know you respect senator toomey from pennsylvania argued persuasively in a long piece in the wall street journal there are enough tax dollars coming in
12:26 am
to pay our debt and there will be no default and our president has hard choices to make. what about that? >> the hard choices are not going to be popular to the public. republicans lose in that strategy. >> won't republicans lose if they allow the spending to continue? won't they be perceived as caving into the allurements of washington rather than tea party folks who sent them there? >> they will. we can't let them do that. it's critical they reduce government and reduce spending. they can't do it by stopping that particular debt limit. >> what do you say they should do? >> they should convert to a debt limit that won't go up all of the time. that will be a marketable debt nep ratio for example. that makes sense. meaning the debt relative to the economy should be 50 percent no more. >> here is the problem. you have a ratio or formula that tells you and the president wants to borrow anyway. the congress says well you have reached the formula. where do they go? the courts. you are going to have a judge
12:27 am
deciding whether or not the president can borrow more money rather than elected representatives of the people? >> you don't want to throw out the good for the perfect. if they are above it somebody will sue and say no we are not really above it. but how long can they get -- i am talking about a limit, a ceiling on the debt that might last for 50 years. so you can argue this year we get to spend a little more but next year it will come right back at you. it's a permanent ceiling on the debt. >> will your argument play with the voters or stated differently will all of those young fresh libertarian oriented tea party freshman lose their jobs if under any circumstances they vote to raise the debt ceiling? >> it is critical republicans talk about it have a strategy and present it to the public. the goal is to win a public over and they have a plan that will cut spending. the risk that we are at right now is that the president will win. remember what happened with bill
12:28 am
clinton the binge rich republicans shut down the government it really hurtsz. >> wasn't that a sales job where clinton used his personality made it look like republicarepu? >> no difference. >> was the public's attitude about government so different today that so what shut it down for a couple months see what happens. nice if the congress didn't get their paychecks? i can hear that on the news. >> i would be happy if they didn't get their paychecks but what the president will do is stop all of the things people want. >> great conversation in all of this. thanks for coming here. now a few items from our freedom file. here's to texas a group of policemen brought tally beat a burglar resuspect named chad hallow. he was eventually convicted but at the time of the beating he was innocent as we are all innocent until convicted by a jury of our piers as the constitution requires. no person regardless of any
12:29 am
crime he may or may not have committed shouldn't be beaten. chased him down the street swerved on him punched him and kicked him. several officers were fired over the incident. four face criminal charges. the savage beating of mr. holly endured and is all too common for the police in america today. jfk airport two goons noticed $170,000 in cash checked in a bag while conducting an unconstitutional search to the bag so they helped themselves to $40,000 to the cash from the bag. the two agent were caught. this is a funds fundamental problem with the tsa. they have no right to search your personal property unless it has a war rant from a judge. the constitution guarantees this. every tsa agent constitutionally or not can search your bag without your knowledge or consent. is it any surprise some people's property will end up missing.
12:30 am
the budget of human services is $910 million. this is the department charged with implementing obama care adjusted for inoperation across president lyndon b johnson's entire federal budget in 1965 was 823 billion. what is the significance? they introduced medicare and medicaid. 46 years later health and human services department that does nothing but unconstitutionally take money from some and give it to others is bigger than the government was when america was untroe duesed to socialized medicine. it is the biggest gathering of liberty loving youth meet two young leaders determined to bring the message of freedom to their peers next. i love winter.
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>> college students are attending the international students for liberty this weekend. lessons of liberty enshrined in the constitution of the united states and declaration of independence are inspiring young people around the world. why? joining us now from the conference are student for liberty organizers para cleese new york and michelle fields. welcome to "freedom watch." >> thanks for having us on. >> michelle to you firs what is
12:34 am
the conference and what is going on this weekend? >> the conference is the premiere event for students that work exchange ideas and learn about the philosophy from educators and professors. >> i love what you do. you and i -- you put together a great conference for us in drexel university in the city of brotherly love. why are so many young people interested in libertarian ideas today. >> honestly judge thanks for coming out today. i find that stew devenludents a naturally inclined to question things not take things for granted. they are looking for where their idea ols are going to fall. when you approach a student and say your unborn child mayo hundreds of thousands of dollars
12:35 am
to a debt you had nothing to do with it gets their attention. >> when i was a college student the interest was not in the federal reserve or debt. you know how old i am. this must be era of the vietnam war and watergate. people were interested in the politics of the moment. para cleese makes a good argument. young people today actually understand the significance to their children and government borrowing beyond its means. >> we are educating them about liberty. they want a smaller government and want more economic social freedom and live their life they want as long as they respect the rights of others just with smaller government. >> i have to tell you i was at a conference and sitting next to the president of princeton. she said judge you should do your show here. i said here at princeton? she said judge this is not the
12:36 am
princeton you attended. there would be 1,000 libertar n libertarians who would come to your show. is that true? >> it wasn't surprise me. our network of stew deatudents grown so fast it is incredible. we have gone from a handsful of students over 1,000 students where we will be taping a show. we will be showing a premiere of alley shrug right there at the conference. reason tv will be covering it. we have media. 20 media venues are going to be there covering this thing. >> who is this guy you just mentioned? >> john stoffel. when i was a kid i used to watch him frequently. >> he is an old tim olde old ti. he will do a great job. >> this is a little gloomy. you have redman knee of the same things i have. you read the letters between
12:37 am
jefferson and adams after they were offever son predicts long history individuals loses government gains order prevails over individual choices. first to you and then to paraclese. what's the future of freedom? >> i think the future of freedom, i am optimistic about it. i go on college campuses and students are libertarian. most college students are. it's about reaching out to them and exposing them to the ideas. >> the future of freedom. was our hero thomas jefferson right or wrong? >> he was right on a lot of things. fro dom is something that appeals to a lot of people and it will always come back as government starts to abuse their power we are seeing it in the middle east right now. people understand freedom at their core that's what we are seeing a lot. >> good luck to you guys.
12:38 am
say hello to the old timer stossel for me. >> coming up the employee union battle in wisconsin wages on my freedom fighters wonder how they are supposed to cut costs in the face of such protests. next. curtis: welcome back to geico radio, it's savings, on the radio. gecko: kate from mill valley, it's all yours. kate: well, i'm shopping for my first car. gecko: nice! i do hope you'll choose geico and save a good bit of cash...
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>> we have seen in wisconsin how difficult it is for a state to take a stand against public employee unions. the unions won't let go of out of control pay packages without a fight. it is one reason many states are on the verge of bankruptcy. what's a probe state to do? we are taking on unions so wolcally charged in this difficult environment. here to discuss is anchor and colleague lori roughman news week columnist and president of the future of freedom foundation
12:42 am
jake cop warren berger. there is a narg right for people to associate with whoever they want and certainly pli there's a right to join a union. no one could seriously argue there's a natural right to force the employer to negotiate with the union. that's a political right the government gives and the government can take away. >> that's the problem with all of the state relationships that you know what's going on in wisconsin judge is really a microcosm of what happens in greece and ireland you have out of control spending, out of control debt out of control commitments going on for decades and the chickens are finally coming home to roost. the protestors think the state is an independent fountain of wealth they don't realize it's the taxpayers that can't afford this any more can't bear the burden of the taxation. >> is it funds tametamentally fundamentally wrong for them to call in three-days in a row to
12:43 am
take children to political rallies where the governor is compared to hitler. the teachers lose pay the kids miss school isn't that fund amountnally wrong? >> i don't like any of those tactics. i hope you are not joining the villianized teacher's movement they have a right to unionize and collectively bargain and like any one don't want to give up the stuff they get at work. you wouldn't want to i wouldn't want to either. >> the right to bargain collectively with respect to stits comes from state bargaining. fdr couldn't get it through if they exempt the state. can't the same state that for dozens of years and generations have been heying we will talk to your unions are now going to say we are not going to talk to the unions. >> everybody has a right to talk, to discuss to negotiate. these are extraordinary times. people have a right to assemble and be advocated for. the problem here again these are
12:44 am
extraordinary times we are in a serious crisis with the budget or deficit issue. >> have we gotten so acclimated this is not a fund tamement tal right -- >> that's true of any of the rights. listen. business has its power in these relationships labor and workers have their power that's just a balance of the system, judge. >> should the government even be in the business of selling us education? it is it it's a lousy job they collect tax dollars whether we send children to the schools they deliver a good product or not? >> that is the real core of the issue. where they should have collective bargaining or not trimming the branchs of the weed that's not going to be a problem one way or the another. the government has no business in education. we have been saying this for decades. have a free market in education and all of these problems
12:45 am
disappear. >> don't the democrats acknowledge catholic schools do a better job with less money therefore competition will improve the product. >> i have 13 years of catholic school. >> i will admit it. listen. parents have the right to send their kids to private school what you are asking for maybe jake sob is i don't know for the government to parkway for that. with your private school. >> i am not asking for the government to pay for it. we are in the business of education there will be a menu of from which people could choose they could afford with real teachers who produced a product. >> 11 percent spending directed to education in the budget this week. >> isn't it unfair for the governor to negotiate with labor unions that may have put the
12:46 am
governor into office what kind of fair negotiation is that? oo actually there are no legitimate roles of government. if you have a free market of education they arise and teachers negotiate their pay the way the rest of us do in a private sector. >> governor corzine negotiated with the head of the labor union she was his ex-girlfriend. what is that? >> i hardly blame you for that, judge. >> listen, i mean -- >> only in new jersey story. >> this is really the way that workers in our society get any kind of power in these relationships. you know these big companies and big governments they have a lot of power. what are you telling the poor person out there trying to work for a living. if you don't have the union you are at a disadvantage. >> florida, new jersey, ohio,
12:47 am
tennessee have been granted waivers exempting person provisions of obama care. that's in addition to 915 waivers granted to company and labor unions. why is that fair? if obama is so great why does someone want out of it? >> all of the exemptions with obama care is expand to subscribes so the premiums will pay for this thing. how do we pay for healthcare? >> don't we have the rule of men not the rule of law when the president of the united states or here his agency secretary sabalias and a fella named larson have ability to releigh states and companies and unions from the obligation of complying with the law. stated differently, how do they decide who to relieve from ob obeying the law? >> as a political consideration usually but you hit the nail on the head. we are a nation of operating under the rule of law. which means when a law is passed it applies to everybody.
12:48 am
like it or not, it applies across the board. once you give the ruler the ability to start saying you are off the hook and you are off the hook, that is the rule of men the rule of dictatorship. this is a bad law but as long as it's the law it ought to apply everybody equally and then everybody has incentive to get rid of it. >> ellis this is the president's signature piece of legislation. we don't know what will come in his next two years but he said this is what i became president for. make for us the president's argument or the democrat's argument for these now nearly 1,000 waivers and some of them to companies we all know harlon davidson mcdonalds united auto workers new jersey gorned by the most conservative of republican governors how do they decide to issue the waivers to and how do they grant them? >> i don't know politically why chris christie is getting them. he would be last on the list. you know this, right? here's the best argument. this is a complex piece of legislation it has to involve
12:49 am
some kind of complex for real life situations. it is better to make the judgment the in the real world than to throw the whole thing out which is what some republicans are trying to do. >> don't you think this exemption will help republicans de fund obama care? they will say look the president and his people don't even believe in their own program. >> it's true, right? it's a backlash. the republicans next week they are going to vote in the house. they have the majority obviously they are going to vote to defend this thing. we will see what happens. it is working in their favor, right? >> absolutely. lori, jacob, thank you for joining us. always a pleasure. >> thank you. >> up next the plane truth on government run schools and teachers unions and.
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>> can the government. sell us the product force us to buy it? the teachers unions and human freedom for five days this week they have been entertained inkreeg intrigued and angered. the teachers union in madison,
12:53 am
wisconsin. in 34 when the gang of socialists began the central planning of our economy from washington the congress enacted a series of laws intended to force businesses to bargain in good faith with labor unions who would represent all of the workers. the same stat tuts also set up the national labor relations board who's members would be pro union activists by the president to hear and rule on disputes between labor and management. this was a subtle way for bure rats -- bure kratz to get their noses in the tents of private businesses. every time there was a dispute between management and labor the federal government would solve the dispute. where is that in the tons contusi constitution? nowhere. fdr agreed to leave the states alone so the laws that required businesses to negotiate with labor union leaders and the laws that sent labor ma management disputes between businesses and labor to the nlrb simply did not
12:54 am
apply to the states. many states reck niedz labor unions as lawful representatives of their employees. many states caved to the unions and gave them sweetheart deals. they enacted laws that gave teachers and cops healthcare benefits with no meaningful deductions and no employee contributions from the first day on the job until the day of death. today they are finally realizing the state government cannot afford to pay for that. governor crist tee in new jersey and governor walker asked for legislation that would require employee contributions to pensions and healthcare. it doesn't take away a nickel of benefits from teachers and cops merely makes them pay a portion of it just like the rest of us
12:55 am
do. in wisconsin thousands called in sick when they were angry and ill. it is i strike is illegal by public employees. kids suffer, parents suffer. some teachers ask the students to accompany them to demonstrations in madison. not going to work and taking kids out of school and into the political which the governor -- that's not what teachers are required to do. mo why is the government even in the business of teaching in the first place? the government doesn't provide us with food or homes or clothing or shoes, why should it provide our kids with an education. every one knows the quality of public education in this country is terrible. what's the reason? it's run by the government. it has no meaningful competition. of course there are catholic schools and other religious
12:56 am
schools and private schools even if you send your kids there you still pay the taxes to support the public schools and the administrators of those schools and leaders of the teachers union know this no matter how poorly we do the job the kids will still come into the classroom. true freedom of choits and real competition here but these are two concepts the government hates. freedom and competition. taxpayers who want to active public schools do so. government lax the authority to force you to buy healthcare or eat probabli broccoli. what would happen if none of us except those who choose to do so pay for taxes for government owned schools. you would see for profit schools pop up every where just like cell phones and street corner emergency rooms. they would lower the costs.
12:57 am
you will have a vast menu of schools from which to choose. the government can sell the school buildings to developers who turn them into nice condos. the teachers will have higher paying jobs. jobs where they must perform and produce. we will all see freedom and competition and will educate our kids far better than the government can. on monday freedom watch takes a look at the presidency was lincoln a white supremacist did fdr know about the attack ahead of time was reagan a real conservative? only freedom watch will go there. from new york defending freedom every night of the week. every night of the week. so long america. i can't get rid of these weeds, or these nasal allergies.
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